Planned Update

Hello ESCAPE fans! We have some wonderful news from the team. First we will start with the head developer.

Jared Miller/ Head developer 

Hello everybody. For next week`s update I have plans to fix the weapons FOV on the weapons and improve the flashlight. That`s all for me

Joseph Lang/ 3d artist

Hey guys, for this weeks update,  I have been working on a new zombie model for the game.  Here is a screenshot:

Thomas Tyndall/Programmer

For this weeks update, I have been working on improving the zombie`s pathfinding AI and the damage done, as well as animation timing and just an overall improved feel to the zombies.

Justine Davis/Level designer

Hey everyone. This week I have been working on fixing the first level to make it look more realistic, if I can get that done, then I might be able to start work on level two. Don`t get your hopes up for level 2 quite yet, but it will be there eventually!

That was the team update for this week. Thanks for stopping by! 


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